A Vision For Hawaii

In recent years, growing number of people have become Orthodox.  There is a spiritual hunger that is leading people to become Orthodox.  Many are looking for the ancient Christian faith.  Although Orthodoxy is growing, there are significant barriers to people becoming Orthodox.  One of the barriers is the language barrier. 

In Hawaii many people grew up speaking English and are used to worshiping in English.  So when they attend Orthodox worship that use a mixture of English and non-English, they find it unsettling and uncomfortable.  Some can adjust to mixed languages worship, but many find it hard.  Another challenge is the parish culture.  Many people find it difficult to relate to the customs and ethnic practices that have their roots in the old country and not in local Hawaii culture or mainstream America. 

The key here is to recognize, respect, and value people’s cultures.  Rather than a “one size fits all” approach, we should seek to start up multiple Orthodox parishes on Oahu.  There is a deep spiritual hunger in Hawaii.  Many people would like to become Orthodox, but the language and cultural barriers stop them. 

Our Vision: to start an Orthodox Mission that will have all-English services and will reach out to the people who live in Hawaii. 

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