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Aloha!  Thank you for visiting LocalOrthodox.com!

This website has been set up for the purpose of informing people about Orthodoxy and helping to start up an all-English Orthodox church on Oahu. 

I’m a local boy born and raised in Hawaii.  I graduated from McKinley High School.  Then I went to UH Manoa.  I was a long time member of Kalihi Union Church.  In a surprising turn of events, I switched from Evangelicalism to Eastern Orthodoxy. 

See My Journey to Orthodoxy

Soon after I became Orthodox, I became aware of the fact that many local people in Hawaii cannot relate to the ethnic Orthodox churches in Hawaii.  It’s great that there are a Greek Orthodox church and a Russian Orthodox church here in Honolulu.  But we also need to have an Orthodox church for the locals where the services are all in English and Hawaii’s unique local identity is affirmed. 

See A Vision for Hawaii.

If you share this vision of reaching Hawaii for Orthodoxy and starting an all-English Orthodox Church please contact me or go to How Can I Help?

Robert Arakaki

Note: This website reflects my personal views.  I seek to be faithful to the teachings and tradition of the Orthodox Church.