How Can I Help?

This section is for people who would like to help start an all-English Orthodox Mission on Oahu. 

If you are not Orthodox but are interested in becoming Orthodox, please consider joining us!  This church is for you.  Contact Local

If you are Orthodox and have friends or family living in Hawaii, please let them know about this  This church is for them.

If you are Orthodox and living in Hawaii, we need your help!  Together we can help people discover the rich heritage of the Orthodox Church.

The first thing to do is count the cost and pray about it.  Please read “What Does It Take to Start a Mission?”  If, after reading the page, you decide you want to be a pioneer please contact me or contact the Dept. of Missions and Evangelism.  I would very much like to meet with you so we can talk about ways we can get an Orthodox Missions started on Oahu and elsewhere in Hawaii.

Robert Arakaki

Rev. Peter E. Gillquist

Department of Missions and Evangelism

777 Camino Pescadero

Santa Barbara, CA  93117

(805) 692-8416