Resurrection Sunday 2022

Icon of the Resurrection – Jesus Christ Bus Up Hell and Tie Up Death

Christ is Risen! Truly He is Risen!

For Orthodox Christians, the highpoint of the year is Easter Sunday when we celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection. Easter is more than one man coming back to life.  It is about the Son of God dying on the Cross for us, then entering into the realm of death to liberate the departed souls from the power of Death. The resurrection icon (picture) shows Jesus Christ inside Hell. He has shattered the doors of Hell, tied up Death, and grabbed hold of our first parents, Adam and Eve, to save them from the power of Death and from the control of the Devil.  To be with Jesus Christ means being saved and having eternal life.

In Pidgin we say: Christ come back alive! And den, Fo real He come back alive!  

Dis da Good Kine Stuff From God, God wen send his ony Boy fo come jalike us guys.  Jesus wen suffa plenny and mahke on top da Cross fo us guys. He wen go down to Hell and bus um up jalike da picha show. Den on da numba tree day Jesus come back alive!

Insai Fo Da Hebrew Peopo 2:14 tell:

Now, God’s kids get skin and blood cuz dey peopo. Dass why Jesus wen do da same ting fo be jalike dem, with skin and blood too. He wen do dat so dat wen he mahke, he wen hemo all da power from da Devil, da one dat get power fo kill peopo.

Paul, da worka guy fo Christ, tell how Christ goin make us guys come back alive. He write dis insai his letta Fo Da Rome Peopo 8:11:

God da One dat wen make Jesus come back alive afta he wen mahke. If God’s Spirit stay tight wit you guys, den he goin make you guys come back alive, yoa body, everyting, jalike how he wen make Christ come back alive. His Spirit goin do dat fo you guys, no matta yoa body gotta mahke.

Da Good Kine Stuff jalike one present from God. No need work fo get um. But you gotta take da present from God. Fo get da kine eternal life, you gotta stick tight wid Christ, God’s spesho Guy. You gotta tell Jesus, “I like be yoa guy and I like you be my Boss.” You stick tight wid Jesus Christ, den he goin take care you no matta you mahke. Dis cuz he awreddy wen bus up Hell and wipe out da Devil. Latta on he goin make us guys come back alive too. Paul wen write dis:

God’s Spesho Guy Christ, he wen come back alive afta he wen mahke! He jalike da first fruit dey pick from da farm, and plenny mo going come afta. Christ, he da first guy dat eva wen come back alive afta he wen mahke, an going get plenny mo mahke peopo dat goin come back alive bumbye, same ting. (Numba 1 Fo Da Corint Peopo 15:20)

Dass why Orthodox Christian guys go celebrate Easter! Dis awesome Good Kine Stuff fo tell everybody! Dis Good Kine Stuff plenny good reason fo come Christ’s guys!

Lopaka Iliahi


Da Pidgin Bible stuff come from Da Good and Spesho Book.

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